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The ultimate sacrifice, is one laying down his life for another. Oh I'm sure there are many who have done so, but it's the Veteran of War who definitely stands out as having done so.

There is a price for freedom, and it doesn't come cheap. I would say, perhaps I'm wrong, but most Americans and those from more democratic societies take there freedoms for granted. 

How did we get here? You can complain all you want about our form of government, but I must conclude it's most assuredly better than most. Just look at those under communism and other forms of oppressive dictatorships. You and I, for example, have the opportunity to buy and sell real estate. Ask 1 of the 1 billion people who live in China if this is true in their case. Point made! I'm not saying it's a perfect society, it has it's problems. However, our founding fathers wanted for the most part, nothing other than freedom and justice for all.

Did that come without a price? Of course not, people gave there lives for the cause. So today, you and I reap the benefits of those who gave their all for our freedoms. 

Some wars stand out more than others in the degree of effect for the cause of obtaining and maintaining our freedoms. However, each and every man and woman who were willing to give there lives to fight for our freedoms, deserve our honor. 

We must not forget those who died during war, yes many have been willing to die and we honor them for that, however there are those who gave the ultimate price and sadly never had the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of their labor. We must never forget those who perhaps were still teenagers, who sacrificed there lives for others. They never had the opportunity to get married, have children, buy land and have a homestead. May we honor them today.

Just what does it mean to honor someone anyway? 

Pay respect to them! Support Veteran causes. Become a volunteer. Click here!


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