Life can be difficult at times and seem unbearable. You ask why? Why God? Why me? How did I ever get in this situation?  You may begin to feel hopeless. What's the point? Well believe it or not you are valuable and there is hope.

There was a time when my life seemed meaningless and hopeless. But I found that God, as revealed in the Bible, The Good Shepherd really loves me personally, right where I'm at. 

Even the Psalmist in Psalm 42, 43 expressed his feeling depressed. "Why are so downcast Oh my soul?"

However he went on to say to his soul, "Hope in God"  

You see the person writing had previously experienced God's love and acceptance in a very personal way. And even though he was feeling depressed, he had confidence in God's unconditional love for him. 

You can view God the Creator as a Shepherd and really see Him as He is! One who cares deeply about you and I. Someone, who like a Shepherd, looks out in the pasture each day to make sure all his sheep are present and properly cared for. And we are all like sheep, very dependent and needy, weather we can accept the fact or not. Have you noticed that sheep are always domesticated and not found out in the wild on their own? Therefore they are very dependent on someone to take care of them. Jesus calls himself the Good Shepherd, desiring to have sheep to take care of; that's you and me.


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