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Nancy Pelosi

"We have to pass this bill (Obamacare)  to find out what's in it" It's 2,500 pages. No one read it. How stupid is that. What a Nimrod!


Al Gore

Global warming has been changed to climate change, funny thing is climate change has been happening since the beginning of time, duh! Gore has put his push on the back burner since his divorce after 40yrs. Time too cool down, just like the earth. What a Nimrod!


Brian Flemming

Is he schizophrenic or just a total nimrod?

Director Brian Flemming, a self-described "atheist Christian," is trying to prove that the historical Jesus never existed in his new documentary, The God Who Wasn't There

You refer to yourself as an "atheist Christian." What do you mean by that?

Brian Flemming: "Once you're a Christian, I don't think you ever shake being a Christian, and personally I don't want to. When I realized that the first-century science that Christianity proclaims is basically completely wrong, that didn't mean Jesus was evil. It didn't mean Jesus was bad. Jesus is in many ways still a great character. As you see in the movie, when he calls for everybody who doesn't want him to reign over them to be killed, that's not the Jesus I'm talking about. But the Jesus that I hold in my mind as the Jesus who taught me my moral values in many ways, I don't want to lose that. I like Jesus. When I see a picture of Jesus that doesn't make me feel bad, it makes me feel good. I'm an atheist because I only believe those things that can be demonstrated and proved. I don't believe that faith is a good thing at all. But I'm a Christian in that I love Jesus." - quote from: christianitytoday.com

Can you believe this guy, calls himself a atheist Christian! That's an oxymoron if I've ever heard one. This guy must have some serious unmet emotional needs. He get my nomination. He was on Fox news the other day talking about how he's rescuing all these kids from faith in Christ. About how detrimental having faith in Christ is, then in the same breath saying he loves Jesus. He even has his own website promoting his confusion conclusion.. What a nimrod!.

Robert Fratta
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I was watching A&E's American Justice about an ex-cop convicted of hiring a hit-man to kill his wife.  Since it's Texas, he's sent to death row.  Since being on death row, he's written about more things than capital punishment.  According to the host, Bill Kurtis, He's also said that the solution to all ofAmerica's problems is that we need a monarchy.  So who does he thinks should be America's King?  Himself, of course.  And his first order ofbusiness would be to pardon himself.  What a brilliant plan, that only a true nimrod could come up with.

This guy is a serious psychopath or sociopath, whatever. He claims he's innocent of the charges, but it only took the jury one hour to deliberate on his death sentence. The evidence was clear to all. I saw this guy talking, and what an ego maniac. He was and is a very immoral man, asking his wife to do unspeakable things and to have what he called an, "open marriage." What a nimrod!

Here's a link to the what a  local paper in Texas had to say at the start of his trial. 

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