Kingdom of Comfort: their last studio CD

Soaring melodies, haunting strings and earth-shaking messages bring these experiences into stark realization in one of the most raw, passionate albums that these Christian rock titans have ever released.
Great music with a great message. If your as delirious as I am, you're gonna like this one too!  

Now Is the Time: Live at Willow Creek [CD & DVD]         

From their U.K. beginnings, these worship pioneers have gone on to uplift congregations in 23 countries---including Willow Creek! Features 14 popular songs; and the companion DVD highlights live recordings of "I Could Sing of Your Love Forever," "History Maker," and "Majesty (Here I Am)"---and bonus behind-the-scenes footage!  I highly recommend this one mainly for the DVD.

The Mission Bell [CD]

Veteran worship rockers Delirious? serve up The Mission Bell, a diversely styled collection of new music regarding society and life's issues. Breaking out of their trademark modern worship sound (but not completely), this inspiring release includes "Solid Rock," "Fires Burn," "Now Is The Time," and more.

World Service [CD]

With landmark international classics like "I Could Sing of Your Love Forever," "Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble" and "Awaken the Dawn," the songs of Delirious? have made a significant impact on the modern worship landscape around the globe.

World Service marks a new chapter for Delirious? with a fresh collection of inspired songs created especially for the live worship experience. Features "Majesty," "Rain Down" and "Grace Like a River."  I highly recommend this one.

(UP) Unified: Praise [CD]

Unified Praise features the unbeatable combination of Hillsong Australia and Delirious?, captured live on stage. This album captures the incredible live worship experience presented at the Sydney Superdome in Australia, and includes songs such as "Worthy Is the Lamb", "Rain Down", "Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble?", and many more. There is also a DVD version of this worship concert.

Access:D [CD]

To invite God to access all we have represents the heart of this Delirious? album, offering passionate and powerful live recordings of cherished songs that have changed the way we worship!

Touch [CD]

Enjoy this special limited-edition package featuring touch-sensitive (touchable) cover! The bonus CD-ROM includes three videos (Take Me Away, Sanctify, I Could Sing of Your Love Forever) and at least five live recordings!

Libertad [CD]

The Delirious? message is spreading to all corners of the globe. Libertad, meaning simply "freedom," is 12 of your favorite cutting edge tracks re-recorded in Spanish by Delirious? The beautifully translated lyrics give this album the entire vocal passion, excitement and vulnerability that punctuate the English language originals. "This is something we as a band can give back to the Spanish speaking people," says Martin Smith.

Deeper: The D:finitive Worship Experience [CD]

Delirious? has been shaping the face of worship since 1994, when they appeared as the Cutting Edge band at a local youth event. Now they are known and welcomed around the world, and their songs are sung in churches everywhere. Their passion and style have caught on like no other, bringing people closer to God through worship.

This two-CD set from Sparrow could be seen as the greatest hits of Delirous?, but it is so much more. Featuring songs from the recordings Cutting Edge, Mezzamorphis, King of Fools, Live & In the Can and GLO, Deeper, the D:finitive Worship Experience traces the history of the band in song. Not content for this to be simply a greatest hits compilation, Delirious? actually recorded new versions of several songs (Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble, I Could Sing of Your Love Forever and Lord You Have My Heart), remixed a couple of songs (The Happy Song and Revival Town), released a previously unreleased version of I'm Not Ashamed, and wrote a new song called Not Forgotten.

If you have never heard Delirious?, Deeper is a great introduction. If you are already a fan, Deeper will confirm what you already know about the band's passion for God. Deeper truly is a deeper worship experience!!!

Glo [CD]

Get ready to rock and worship! The lads from Littlehampton, England, deliver another powder keg of praise & worship. Includes "God's Romance," "My Glorious," "Awaken the Dawn," "The Years Go By," "Jesus' Blood," "Glo in the Dark," and "Hang On to You."
I highly recommend this one.

Mezzamorphis [CD]

The British band that swept America with inspired pop-worship is back! Their goal is to encourage people to live for the kingdom of God, offering tracks such as "See the Star," "Mezzanine Floor," "Metamorphosis," "Love Falls Down," "Follow," and "Heaven."  I highly recommend this one.

King Of Fools [CD]

A hint of U2 resonates in their innovative guitar rhythms and atmospheric keyboards, but make no mistake about it---this contemporary worship band has its own sound. And it rocks! Especially on this, their fifth album, featuring "Deeper," "Promise," and "History Maker."  I highly recommend this one.

Cutting Edge [CD]

Although known for its reserved religious expression, England is experiencing a sweeping revival fueled by contemporary worship music. At the forefront is Delirious?, five lads from the seaside town of Littlehampton who stormed the British charts---without any record deals or media exposure. Here are 25 of their innovative praise & worship pop songs from their early years on a double CD! I highly recommend this one.

Archive:d (DVD)

 This is their first DVD, released in 2003. It is a collection of 29songs up to 2003, just before their World Service recording. It has over 2 1/2 hrs of music. Ranging from videos to live concert excerpts. It's a great find for any delirious? fan. The intro to the band is really well done, looks like something from an action movie.  I highly recommend this one.

My favorites are, "Glo" "World Service" "Mezzamorphis" "King of Fools" and "Cutting Edge" and now "Kingdom of Comfort"

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Here are some of my favorite Delirious? songs, just click and play and it should play in your Window's Media and/or Real player.  

Inside Outside  
Mountain High
Rain Down


Note: Unfortunately for dial-up it can take up to 15-20 minutes to download the entire song. However, part of the song can be played after several minutes. 

Disclaimer: These songs have been purchased by me and my not be used for personal coping, sampling here only. To purchase their music go to, Itunes or any other music outlet that sells music products.

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