Unfortunately we just lost Trooper (8 yrs. old) to epilepsy. A terrible disease. It was a very sad day when we had to put him down due to uncontrollable seizure activity.

Trooper - He was a great dog to have around the house. I also referred to him as "Big Sweet" He was also very territorial when out in the yard. He's great with our kids. Liked a lot of affection. 


Lady - She's a sweetheart. Very lovable. She's the more active one of the two, tends to be a little bit aggressive.


We are very excited to have just adopted a new puppy thru petfinder.com. He is currently 4 months old (4/07). He is very active and has a lot of personality like Trooper had. Very loveable and sweet!

Sergeant, pronounced [sahr-juhnt]

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