Important facts about owning a Dalmatian

 Will you enjoy living with a Dalmatian? That depends. Dalmatians are wonderful dogs. However, you need to understand the history of the breed and what makes Dalmatians so unique. 

Did you know Dalmatians were bred to run with a coach and horses? They were also used to guard the coach and the horses. To guard, they required an intelligent nature and owner obedience; to run all day, they required an extremely high energy level. All Dalmatians need both physical and mental stimulation. Without it, they can easily become bored and chew on things. As a Dalmatian owner, you will need time to train and exercise your dog. A fully grown Dalmatian can weigh 50 to 70 lbs. Dals are very energetic, intelligent, stubborn (if not properly trained), and playful.

Is a Dalmatian the right dog for you? It depends as much on your own personality and lifestyle as the personality of the dog you are planning to adopt.

DALS are a good family dog BUT may be too lively for children under 3, as they enjoy showing much affection and may bump into the child, drool on them, or lick the child's face.  Some children may  find this annoying and irritating.  Otherwise, Dalmatians are truly wonderful with children and (based on reports from various owners ) are typically
very protective of kids and love kids very much. Strange adults who send off contending and hostile emotional nuances may not be greeted so well. 
DALS are intelligent and quick to learn BUT stubborn; they need a firm but gentle hand, and strict obedience training. They are not for "zero boundary" -type people, who usually do not enjoy the disciplined nature of this "Greek" dog.
DALS are people oriented, excellent indoor & outdoor companion BUT they are not a yard dog and need lots of people contact.
DALS love to go, go, go. They like jogging and biking BUT needs owner involvement.
DALS are natural watch dogs; polite when properly introduced. They are loyal to family and will protect BUT may be aloof with strangers. They are not a "loves everybody" dog, and may snap if provoked.
DALS are generally good with other dogs BUT are not "pack" temperament, may quarrel with strange dogs, especially males with males.
DALS are generally healthy BUT can suffer from genetic deafness, uric stones and skin problems and do not like cold weather for long periods of time
DALS are loved by owners who like active,
responsive and alert dogs BUT not liked by owners who want independent overly-aggressive dogs.
DALS are great for our society! They are wonderful rescue dogs and are naturally alert to danger and
solutions.  This is why most firemen and policemen truly love this breed!  They were used in the Greek and Roman armies, by General George Washington, and by the American and British infantry in both World Wars.

Dalmatians are the Best Dogs!

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