This is a slide show of the bungalow that I have been in the process of building over the past year. It size is 10 foot by 10 foot. I think in the future a 12' by 12' might be a little easier to design since plywood sheets are 4 feet wide, hence no need to cut to fit, since 4 divides equally into 12. 

Anyway, as you can see, I started off with concrete pillars/metal brackets and 4"by4" treated posts for a solid foundation. It is important to make sure your building area is level. It's also very important that once you put all the posts down on the pillars, before you nail anything, it must be square. That means equal distance when you measure across both corner to corner, as shown below.

This is an automatic slideshow. It shows the progression from ground up. Still working on the finish product. Will continue to add as progress is made.

If you would like to view this slideshow where you can start and stop the pictures, click on this link. bungalow2 This was actually my first rendition, but the photos aren't as clear, because they are in .gif format whereas the above slideshow is in .jpg format.


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